Thursday, September 2, 2021

Finis (or nearly so) to this Blog


 This is just a notice that I will no longer or very seldom be publishing anything on this blog.

I am no longer growing orchids except a few houseplants.

My retirement, health issues in 2017 and a move to eastern Washington have ended that part of my life.

I am leaving the blog with its posts in place.

2019 Spokane Orchid Society Show


Paphiopedilum spicerianum

This is likely my last post on this blog.  Health issues and hospitalizations in 2017 and subsequent retirement and moving meant that most of my orchids died and I have neither the finances nor the energy to start again.

We've joined the Spokane Orchid Society and last year I participated in their show (this year's show is postponed indefinitely)  with an educational display on Washington's native orchids.  This post shows some of the orchids from that show.

First, though, a link to a post I did on the native orchid exhibit which is on one of my other blogs.  That post can be found here:

These, then, are some of the orchids on display at the show, which for the size of the Spokane Society was a very good show.  The variety and skill shown in growing the orchids that were on display was exceptional, in my opinion.





Cattleya Alliance

Oncidium Alliance


Miscellaneous Orchids

Native Orchid Display

This was the display I put in of Washington's Native Orchids.

It won an American Orchid Society Award.