Monday, March 24, 2014

Sophrolaeliocattleya Minibeau

This miniature Cattleya is a hybrid of Sc. Beaufort and Slc. Minipet.  I've grown it from a very small seedling and this is the best it's bloomed.  The flowers are well-shaped and have very good color.  It is now, due to name changes, simply Cattleya Minibeau.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lankesterella ceracifolia

This unusual miniature species is from Argentina and Brazil and is, if I am not mistaken, related to Cattleya.  The flowers are a little over half a centimeter and the plant with its rosette of waxy leaves is four centimeters.  The species name refers to the waxiness of the leaves.  The edges of the leaves, the flower spikes and the outside of the flowers are all covered with hairs. It belong to a genus of eight to ten species that are all very tiny.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mount Baker Orchid Society Show

Saturday, March was spent at Skagit Valley Nursery working at the annual Mount Baker Society Orchid Show.  Our society is quite small and the show accordingly small, with six displays and about an equal number of vendors.  It is usually the only show I in which I put in a display and one of only a very few I attend, so it is especially enjoyable for me.  The photos below show some of the displays including that put in by our society, a display which won the American Orchid Society's show trophy.

I put in my showcase, as I do every year, but instead of the mountain scene I've used the past few years, I put in something a little more formal.  It included 35-40 plants and I won two American orchid Society awards, a Certificate of Botanical Recognition (CBR/AOS) for Dryadella pusiola 'Erin', awarded with around 200 flowers and a Certificate of Cultural Merit (CCM/AOS) for Effusiella cypripedioides 'Ashlynn' awarded with sixty flowers and buds as Stelis cypripedioides.

Dryadella pusiola 'Erin' CBR-CHM/AOS

Stelis cypripedioides 'Ashlynn' CCM/AOS

Photography is always a challenge at a show.  The lighting is variable and sometimes poor, in this case not very strong, the backgrounds tend to be cluttered and in large displays the flowers are often beyond reach.  I enjoy the challenge, however, and spent quite a bit of time at it, since this is likely the only show I will be able to attend.  These are some of the better pictures I was able to get, the flowers identified wherever possible and divided into different types of orchids.


Dtps. Sin-yuan Golden Beauty 'Fairy Tale'

Phal. Fuller's Sunset

Phal. cornu-cervi alba

Phal. Ching Ann Diamond 'Mei Datstar'

Phal. hybrid

Phal. Taida Firebird 'Jane'

Phal. Ho's Amy Christopher

Phal. equestris 'Seagrove's Gabriel

Phal. hybrid

Phal. Luchia Fire 'Fu-Shing'

Phal. schilleriana 'Pink Butterfly'


Paph. Red Phantom x Jim Iverson and Paph. Sunbeam

 Paph. hybrid

Paph. Norito Hasegawa and Paph. Myra

 Paph. Emerald Sea x primulinum


Dend. Nora Tokunaga


Bulb. wendlandianum

Bulb. echinolabium

Bulb. picturatum


Cym. hybrid

 Cym. hybrid


Brassolaeliocattleya Memoria Crispin Rosales

Sophrolaeliocattleya Mem. Alvin Begeman

Epidendrum parkinsonianum

Epidendrum parviflorum


Vuylstekeara Jerry Lawless 'Golden Gate'

 Vuylstekeara Carnivale

Miltoniopsis hybrid


Dendrochilum cobbianum

Dendrochilum uncatum 'Stony Point'

 Amesiella monticola

Sarchochilus hartmanii

Pleione formosana 'Aunt Trudy'

Maxillaria porphyrostele

Fredclarkeara After Dark

Bletilla ochracea 'Chinese Butterfly'

Phaius pauciflorus

Lycaste Absolutely Stunning 'Grantham's Glory

Stenorhynchos glicensteinii