Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dendrobium Gina Perlite

Dendrobium Genia Perlite is a hybrid of two Oxyglossum species, Dendrobium cuthbertsonii and Dendrobium prasinum.  The cross was made by Tom Perlite of Golden Gate Orchids and very much resembles the first parent much more than the second.  The cross has produced flowers of different colors and this is, therefore, only one example.  Both in plant habit and in cultural requirements it seems to resemble the first of the two parents as well, though the growths are slightly heavier and longer than those of Dendrobium cuthbertsonii.  I grow it in live sphagnum in a clay pot with plenty of water and very high light.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Restrepia flosculata

The common name of this species, if translated, would be "Small-flowered Restrepia," a fitting name for this species since the flowers are small in comparison to other species in the genus, especially in relation to the rather large plant.    The flowers are 1.5 cm and the plant 20 cm tall.  The flowers bloom on the underside of the leaves which makes them even more difficult to appreciate.  I did not even realize the plant was in bloom until I moved several other plants next to it.  The species is from Columbia and Ecuador and likes cool temperatures and good humidity.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Alaticaulia bennettii

Alatacaulia bennettii or Masdevallia bennettii is a species belonging to the group of Masdevallias that have triangular flower spikes (in cross section) and that bloom successively with one or two flowers at a time.  The species is from Peru and is 12-15 cm tall with flower spikes somewhat longer than the leaves and large 6-8 cm flowers.  It is warm-growing but seems very temperature tolerant since I grow it cool to intermediate.  It is in a pot in live sphagnum and seems to like a lot of water.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Dendrobium hellwigianum

I have two plants of this species, this one with bluer flowers than the other, which other plant has flowers that open pink and fade to an off-white.  The species is from New Guinea and when given cool temperatures, high humidity and high light can produce hundreds of flowers on a small plant.  It belongs to the Oxyglossum section of the genus Dendrobium, and is a miniature like most of the other species in that section.  This plant is 8cm tall, each growth having three or four pencil-like leaves with a deep channel down the inside. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dendrobium cuthbertsonii

Dendrobium cuthbertsonii hardly needs an introduction.  Though a micro-miniature, it is well known for its large and very long-lasting flowers, beautiful pebbled leaves and bright colors.  It also has a reputation for being difficult to grow, but given the right conditions that is not true.  It likes cool temperatures and high humidity but is more forgiving on both counts when grown under very high light.  It is from the highlands of New Guinea and has been extensively hybridized with itself to create large flowers, more temperature tolerant plants and new colors and color combinations.  This is a fairly standard example of the species with typical red-orange flowers that are normally sized as well.  The plant has larger growths than some of 3-4cm, and the flowers are 4-5 cm in length.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Promenaea stapelioides

This is a miniature species from Brazil belonging to a very small genus  of 15-20 species.  Its specific name reflects the similarity of the flowers to those of a Stapelia, a South African succulent.  The plant is 8 cm tall and has small pseudobulbs and soft leaves.  It prefers cool temperatures and high humidity but when these requirements are met it is not a difficult plant to grow or flower.  The flowers are 3.5 cm and their green and purple colors make them a real showstopper.