Monday, July 26, 2010

Masdevallia coccinea 'Dwarf Pink'

Masdevallia coccinea is an orchid from high altitudes in Colombia and Peru. It comes in a range of colors, scarlet, orange, yellow, white and pink and belong to a group of Central and South American orchids known as Pleurothallids.  It is the best known of all the Masdevallia species.

Masdevallia coccinea 'Dwarf Pink' is one of the best pink forms and is especially desirable because of its dwarf size and short flower spikes. It also seems to be more tolerant of warmer temperatures than most coccineas. Due to limited growing space it is the only form of Masd. coccinea I grow.

The color of the flowers are affected by temperature with the cooler weather producing deeper colored flowers, but whether the blooms are produced in warmer or cooler temperatures, the flowers fade with age from a deeper to very light pink as is evident from the last picture.

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