Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Orchidarium Update

It is amazing how one's collection grows to fill the available space.  My new orchidarium is pretty full, so full in fact, that I had to make some additional room for new plants.  I did that by hanging some wire mesh long the top of the sides of the case as can be seen in the first photo.  I had made this possible when I built the case, by making sure that the wood border at the top of the case extended down a short way into the growing area.  Since this is right below the lights, I've hung some plants there that need very high light,mostly New Guinea Dendrobiums.


  1. This is exciting to see. I wondered what kind of set up you had. Is this space inside you house so you can have the flowers witin your home or is it in a free standing building?

  2. Hi Marti,
    This is in a basement room in the house - a spare bedroom. I've had one before that was also in the house - in our own bedroom in that instance. Did you see the previous blog post describing its construction?

  3. oh my~!!~
    my orchids don't have as good a home as this~!
    fantastic set-up . . . i'm now wondering where i might have the space to set something like this up.
    do you ever have your orchids out in a normal home environment or are they always in this case?


  4. Hi Libby,
    When the more spectacular plants are in bloom I take them out and enjoy them. I usually have a plant in my office or on my desk. Have one on the bookshelf behind me right now.