Friday, December 10, 2010

Aerangis fastuosa

I have a weakness for white flowers, and the fact that these are fragrant at night adds to their appeal.  The species is from Madagascar and is supposed to require warm  temperatures, but it does well for me in intermediate to cool conditions.

The plant is approximately 8 cm from leaf tip to leaf tip and the flowers are about 5 cm in size with long tails.  The plant blooms in late winter to spring for me.  It is one of the smaller Aerangis species and does not seem to be at all difficult.


  1. Nice species. Hope 1 day i can have this beautiful species.

  2. Thanks, friend. Was just looking at your pictures from the orchid show. You have beautifully grown plants.

  3. Wow, so much flower for such a tiny plant! I've read that the scent is amazing.
    Just acquired one in late summer as a large seedling. Seems like it is putting out a spike even though there are just 2 tiny leaves.

  4. Hope your plant does well and flowers. You should try A. hyaloides, too.