Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Masdevallia welischii 'Rip Hoff'

Love that clonal name.  Whoever used it had a since of humor - maybe paid too much for the plant.  Hard to imagine that, though, since this is a spectacular Masdevallia species from Peru.  It has 15 cm narrow but thick channeled leaves that take a bit more light than some plants in the genus.  The flower spikes are 35 cm and stand well above the plant.  The flowers are 7 cm from tip to tip, somewhat small for the size of the plant, but remarkable for their color and glandular hairs.  Unlike other Masdevallias with these "hairs," however, these flower have them mainly on the dorsal sepal, which appears to be much darker than the rest of the flower as a result.  The striking orange and red flowers are also darker on the exterior than the interior.


  1. Thanks, my friend. Trust you are well. Will be out your way in June (Singapore and Malaysia), but very busy.