Monday, June 13, 2011

Trisetella hoeijeri

This tiny orchid is related to Masdevallia and used to be classified with them.  It is native to Ecuador, grows at high elevations and requires cool temperatures.  It is named after its Swedish discover who found it first in 1990.  Because of its tiny size it is best grown mounted on a twig or small branch and needs good humidity and frequent watering.

The plant itself is only 2-3 cm tall but the flowers are 3 cm by 5.5 cm measured from the tips of the tails.  They have a sparkling texture and look like little white birds in flight.  The flowers are carried on thin wiry spikes that are about 3.5 cm long.  It blooms off and on year around but produces a flush of flowers in the late spring or early summer.

It is very different both in flower shape and color from most of the other species in the genus.  Most of them have reddish or purplish flowers with a rather cupped shape and are quite small in comparison to this species.  For these reasons the species is also one of the more desirable in the genus and was much sought after when first discovered.


  1. Do you have a source for this plant? Thanks.

    1. Hi,

      My plant came from Marni Turkel but I got it quite some time ago and don't know whether she still has it. If you do a search on her name you'll find her - she does ceramics also.