Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lepanthes, Jewels of the Orchid World

Lepanthes is a genus of orchids from Central and South America with well over 800 species in the genus. It is known for its colorful flowers, which are often very intricate, very odd-shaped and very colorful, though sometimes very small. The flowers can be several centimeters in size, but are often only a few millimeters. Even the tiniest flowers, however, are amazing when viewed under a magnifying glass, or photographed with a macro lens. They can well be thought of as the jewels of the orchid world.

L. escobarina

L. orion

L. niesseniae

L. ophioglossa and L. ingridiana

L. telipogoniflora

L. elegantula

L. caprimulgus

L. hirtzii

L. gargoyla

L. cochlearifolia and L. unidentified species

L. felix

L. discolor

L. pastoensis

L. velicata

L. stenophylla

L. agglutinata and L. meniscophora

L. calodyction

L. hirsuta

Note: the last two photos are not mine.  They are AOS awards photos and I have no idea who the photographers were.  If I am using them improperly I would be more than ready to apologize and remove them.


  1. Hi Ron,
    All your lepanthes are grown in wardian case?

    1. Hi Emmanuel,
      Not all of them are grown there. A few that do not seem to do well in cooler temps are grown in separate glass containers in warmer conditions. L. calodictyon and telipogoniflora especially.

    2. Thank you Ron,
      Have you experience growing orchids in wardiancase with full spectrum leds?

    3. I don't, Emmanuel. I use 48" T5 HO fluorescent tubes and have no experience at all with LED's.