Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Masdevallia naevia

Masdevallia naevia is from Ecuador and belongs to the group of Masdevallias that have rather large, spidery flowers.  This species blooms on spikes that hold the flowers well above the foliage and the flowers are 10 cm from tip to tip.  The name "naevia" refers to the purple spot at the base of the dorsal sepal and means "birthmark."


  1. Lovely pictures,but how do you get so close? Any details of your camera set up would be appreciated.

  2. Hi Glynn,
    I use a Canon 7D camera with a macro lens. My wife and I (she also does photography) have two of them, a 90mm Tamron lens and a 100mm Canon lens. A good macro lens or even a point and shoot with good macro will allow you to get very close to something.