Thursday, March 8, 2012

Potinara Martha Clarke x Sophrocattleya Beaufort

This is an unregistered and unnamed hybrid of Potinara Martha Clarke and Sophrocattleya Beaufort, and, yes, I know that the names have changed but I can neither get used to or remember them.  Under the old system of names this would be a Potinara, a combination of four genera, Cattleya, Sophronitis, Laelia, and Brassavola, but beautiful by any name.  The plant is very small, heavily influenced by its Sophronitis background, 5-6 inches.  The flowers are small, also, 2 inches across, somewhat smaller than one would have expected from this cross.


  1. Cute little plant, Ron.

    I think the Potinara is now a Rhyncattleyanthe [Cattleya x Guarianthe x Rhyncholaelia](!)

    and the other parent is now a straight Cattleya

    I also can't find a registered cross from these parents, although it would (at least for the time being...) still be a Rhyncattleyanthe. :)

    1. Thanks for the info, James. I can't keep up with the new names, especially in the Cattleya and Oncidium alliances and just continue to use the old names. I've found that a lot of others do to. Thanks for looking and commenting.