Monday, June 4, 2012

Masdevallia prodigiosa

Masdevallia prodigiosa, as its name suggests, is a very unusual species for the genus.  Its soft orange color, its rather strange shape, and its large-sized flowers are all distinctive, and the species cannot be mistaken for any other in the genus.  It comes from Peru and is a small plant, around 6 cm tall with flowers that are as large or larger than the plant, some 6-8 cm.  It is reputed to be temperature tolerant, but it grows best for me under cool conditions in live sphagnum and a net pot.


  1. Suas masdevallias são indas e maravilhosas, mas está encantou. obrigado por compartilhar.

  2. Thanks for commenting, my friend. It is indeed an enchanting flower among the Masdevallias, my favorite genus.