Friday, November 9, 2012

Masdevallia strobelii

One of the smaller Masdevallias but one that can be covered with flowers when it blooms well as mine did this year, Masevallia strobelii belongs to the Saltatrices section of the genus Masdevallia and has the typical features of the species in that section, a slight bulge or "belly" at the bottom  of the flower, the flower tube lined with glandular hairs and bright color.  This species is also highly fragrant and will perfume a whole room with its blooms.  Fragrant, colorful, and prolific bloomer, what more could one ask?


  1. Que maravilhosa Masdevallis, as fotos são de impressionar de perfeição.
    Parabéns, um lindo final de semana

    1. It is indeed a marvelous species and I very much appreciate your kind comments.