Saturday, May 25, 2013

Northwest Orchid Society Show

On Friday and Saturday, April 5 and 6, I was at the Northwest Orchid Society Show in Shoreline, Washington.  I put in a display, but since it was really the same display as in the Mount Baker Orchid Society Show, I did not even take pictures of my display, though the plants won a number of ribbons and two trophies.  These are some of the orchids from the show that I photographed - shows are always a challenge.

Unidentified Phalaenopsis hybrids

Phalaenopsis philippinensis

Phalaenopsis Chih Shang's Stripes 'Bedford'

Phalaenopsis leucorrhoda x philippinensis

Phalaenopsis Sogo Ponsai 'Jane'

Schomburkia superbiens 'Lula'

Epidendrum stamfordianum and Epidendrum horichianum

Cattleya species

Laelia crispata

Laeliocattleya Alaereon 'Gran Sarah' and Cattleya intermedia 'Donna Leigh'

Laeliocattleya Tropical Treat

Cattleya schilleriana

Cattleya Walkerinter

Dendrobium loddigesii

Dendrobium parishii

Dendrobium tetragonum

Paphiopedilum haynaldianum

Paphiopedilum malipoense and Paphiopedilum Funi's Delight x bellatulum

Phragmipedium Living Fire

Phragmipedium Court Jester

Paphiopedilum delenatii var. vinicolor

Phragmipedium grande

Paphiopedilum Mamie Wilson

Paphiopedilum Starring Venus and Phragmipedium pearcii

Unidentified Arachnanthe

Ascofinetia Cherry Blossom and Vanda Robert's Delight

Ascocenda Dong Tarn 'Robert'

Scaphosepalum grande

Scaphosepalum breve

Pleurothallis melanosticta

Pleurothallis secundae

Megaclinium falcatum

Bulbophyllum species

Bulbophyllum orthosepalum

Sievkingia reichenbachiana

Chysis Langleyensis x limminghei

Oberonia species

Pholidota chinensis

Two plants of mine received trophies for Best Miniature and Best Pleurothallid
Dendrobium pentapterum

Diodonopsis anachaeta


  1. This is a spectacular collection of photographs. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your kind comments, Susan. Much appreciated. Shows are a special challenge since one has no control over lighting, background, etc., and since some shows forbid tripods the challenge is even greater then. Thankfully, this show does not.

  2. Beautiful plants and excellent pictures. I can never get lighting correct when making pictures at the shows indoors.

    1. Thanks for looking and commenting, friend. Photography at shows is the toughest of all. I was at the Portland AOS meetings held in a very dark room (for photography) with only the overheads lights and most of my pictures were a disaster.

  3. Some great shots from that show, Ron. I'm most jealous of whoever has that Paph. haynaldianum! I've so far not dared bring out a tripod at a show, but I may have to for the next one - it really is quite a challenge doing handheld macro, but total flash really helps. "Put your camera on a tripod" really is about the best thing you can do for better photographs.

    I always admire your masterful control and the quality of light and exposure in your photography.

    Another challenge is when you can't find the label, or the plant is tucked away in a display that hides it!

    Also, my wife has discovered she really likes playing with "the big camera", so now I can get away with spending some serious time doing this sort of thing without too much boredom from the "non-photographers"! :)

    1. Thanks for checking out the post, James, and for your comments. Handheld at shows is almost too much and I am not real fond of flash, though I have a ring flash and do use it on occasion. Sometimes, to, I forget to take a photo of the name tag or get them mixed up or can't find a tag at all and then they go nameless into my blog posts.
      As to the discovery your wife has made, we found the same thing a few years ago that my wife not only loves hiking but photography also. With two of us taking pictures on a hike our hikes can be quite slow. The one bad thing is that she almost always beats me out and gets the best picture.

  4. Hi, Ron! These pictures are amazing! I just love them all. Congratulations! I'm impressed with the quality and the perfect dark background. It seems they were taken in a studio. Also, I would like to congratulate you for the ribbons and prizes that your display won!

    1. Thanks, Sergio. Photography at shows is a real challenge with all the people, poor lighting or very uneven lighting, strange backgrounds, crowded plants and all the rest, but I always enjoy the challenge. Thanks for the kind words about the photography and the prizes.

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    1. Thanks, Eliza. Appreciate your taking the time to look and comment.