Monday, August 19, 2013

Dendrobium hellwigianum

I have two plants of this species, this one with bluer flowers than the other, which other plant has flowers that open pink and fade to an off-white.  The species is from New Guinea and when given cool temperatures, high humidity and high light can produce hundreds of flowers on a small plant.  It belongs to the Oxyglossum section of the genus Dendrobium, and is a miniature like most of the other species in that section.  This plant is 8cm tall, each growth having three or four pencil-like leaves with a deep channel down the inside. 


  1. The is the first pic I have seen of the 'bluer' form and it is apparent that I really want this one. Well done once again.

    1. It is lovely, isn't it? My other plant is a huge specimen with over a hundred flowers at present, but this is just getting started or I'd offer you a piece of it. Perhaps when it's larger, if you haven't found one, we could do a trade or something.

  2. Ron, você arrasou com a planta é imagem.
    Que maravilha

  3. Replies
    1. Tony, Andy's had it listed for a while for about $35 as I remember but I don't see it on their list any more. You might give them a call since not everything is listed.