Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dendrobium leucocyanum

Dendrobium leucocyanum is a miniature species from high altitude montane forests in New Guinea.  It is cool to cold growing and produced clusters of pale blue flowers in late winter.  The flowers are 0.4cm long and do not open very widely.  The pseudobulbs with their leaves are 2-3cm tall.  The plant blooms on the older leafless pseudobulbs.  This blooming only had three flowers, the first time the plant bloomed for me, but the clusters can have many more flowers.


  1. Well done. Mine grows at a snails pace. Maybe one of these months it will decide to actually bloom. Your pic has quite a bit of blue/purple in it. Some I have seen are white, some cloudy grey, some blue. Yours is choice.

    1. Mine certainly doesn't grow very fast either and the flowers are unbelievably tiny. I don't know what I expected but almost missed the blooms when they came.