Friday, August 15, 2014

Phragmipedium Cardinale 'Birchwood'

Phragmipedium Cardinale 'Birchwood' is an awarded clone of an older Phragmipedium hybrid.  It is a hybrid of Phragmipedium schlimii and Phragmipedium Sedenii.  It is a smaller Phragmipedium and does well in a saucer of water (so that it is soaking wet at all times) and on a bathroom windowsill.  It blooms several times a year for us.  The flowers are 6 cm and bloom successively, two or three to a flower spike.


  1. Great old plant. This was the same plant that was awarded as Phrag. schlimii 'Wilcox' and Phrag. schlimii 'Birchwood'. Probably a real antique from England. Dick Clements got it from Everett Wilcox in the '60s or '70s.

    1. Yeah, there's been a lot of confusion over the name - good illustration of why it's important not to put any old name that seems to fit with a plant.