Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Angraecum dideri

Angraecum dideri is one of the smaller Angraecums, but by no means a miniature, especially when the roots are taken in account.  They are numerous and wander everywhere attaching themselves to anything they can.  The plant, an elongated fan of leaves, grows to 20 cm or a bit taller and produces new growths along the stem.  The flowers, produced one or two per spike are 6 cm with a 10 cm nectary or spur extending from the back of the flower.  The flowers are a very pale green with a while lip and are fragrant at night.  The species is from Madagascar.


  1. Yes the roots are certainly an issue for tank growers. I think mine are over 12" long and continue to grow. When they find their way into new mounts I have to consider parting ways with them.

    1. If I get rid of this one the root will be the reason. They attach to the glass and aluminum of the case, to other plants and even to the wire mesh on which the plant is hung.