Monday, September 7, 2015

Lepanthes calodictyon

Lepanthes calodictyon is a tiny plant but very desirable especially for its foliage, though the tiny flowers are also very intricate and colorful.  It is from Colombia and Ecuador and the plant is about 5 cm tall with leaves 3 cm in diameter and flowers that are only 8 mm.  The species name refers to the net-patterned leaves.  I have trouble growing this with my cool-growing plants and am growing it now in a warmer area in a small terrarium.


  1. beautiful orchid and congrats for your amazingg blog,
    I recently purchased an sophronitis coccinea,
    your sophronitis are in an wardiancase?
    Wardiancase is a good place for this kind of orchid?
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Emmanuel, for your visit and kind comments. The wardian case is indeed a good place for S. coccinea. I've grown that species under lights and in similar conditions for years.

    2. Thank you Ron!, i am a orchid artist and i enjoy very much visiting you blog,
      please check my works in my website maybe you find it interesting.

    3. I will check out your website. Thanks for your visits.