Saturday, December 26, 2015

Barbosella australis

Barbosella australis is a tiny creeping species with paddle-shaped leaves and large flowers in proportion to the size of the plant.  The leaves are 1.5 cm and the flowers 2 cm.  It blooms for me in the autumn and is easy to grow, always blooming with an abundance of flowers.  The name, australis, refers not to the country of origin - it is from Brazil - but to the fact that it comes from the southern parts of that country.  The flowers are not very showy but are unusually shaped and colored and the genus is related to Masdevallia and Pleurothallis.


  1. What a prolific bloomer, you weren't kidding! Interesting shape. Beautiful orchid and photos

    1. Thanks, Beatriz. It's one of those little oddities that I prefer.