Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Laelia sincorana

Laelia sincorana, now reclassified as Cattleya sincorana is one of the smaller species in either Laelia or Cattleya and a real jewel.  It is from Brazil and blooms here in the spring.  The round pseudobulbs with their leaves are 10 cm tall and the flowers the same size or a bit larger.  The flower spikes emerge from within the leaves just as the leaves begin to unfold and the flowers are usually born singly, though occasionally I get two flowers from a flower spike.  I grow the plant with the highest light I can give it in cool to intermediate temperatures and mounted on a piece of tree branch.


  1. I've had a coerulea form of this for a long time that FINALLY produced a spike last year. A snail or slug ate it before it opened.
    High light seems to be the key; it also seems to be the sort of plant that might possibly need some drought in its life - very succulent leaves suggest drought in its natural habitat.

    1. High light does seem important but I don't ever dry it out. It gets watered every day year around and blooms faithfully for me every spring.