Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dendrobium hasseltii

Dendrobium hasseltii is a variable species both in plant size and flower color.  My plant is very small, only 8 cm, and the 2 cm flowers have very good color.  I've found the plant difficult to bloom and this is only the second flower I've had on it.  It requires cool to cold temperatures and I am providing that, but learned recently that it likes to be dried out a bit in the winter, so I'll have to do that and see if it produces more flowers then.


  1. Hi Ron - My name is Mark Wilson, I'm a Prof at Colorado College - I do research on Pleurothallis and Andinia - I'm just putting together a paper describing a new species of Pleurothallis related to P. talpinaria - I am wondering if you would permit me to include one of your photos - the whole plant photo labeled Talpinaria bivalvis 'Neal' - of course you'd be fully credited - please could you email me when you get a chance at Thanks, Mark