Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Neocogniauxia monophylla

This exquisite species is from Jamaica. It belongs to a genus that includes only one other species. The plant is about 12 cm tall with inflorescences about 9 cm that carry a single 4 cm tall flower. The plant likes cool temperatures, good air movement and high humidity.

Interestingly, this genus has recently been moved from the Cattleya alliance to the Pleurothallid alliance, a move I and others find difficult to accept, though I believe the change was made on the basis of DNA analysis. Perhaps in switching it a more pronounceable name could have been given it.


  1. Ron do you grow it potted or mounted? I got some of these in flasks form Marni and they are racing away on mounts, but I have a friend who is not good with mounts and wonders if it can go potted. Sadly hexaptera is much harder for me to make happy.. Good growing.

    1. I grow mine mounted. It has done very well for a number of years but has gone into decline and I can't seem to solve it. N. hexaptera I've never had any success with.