Monday, October 11, 2010

Epigeneium nakaharaei

Related to Dendrobium, this wonderful little plant is easy to grow, easy to flower and very floriferous with amazing translucent yellow flowers and a shiny brown lip.  The flowers are very large, too, for the size of the plant, approximately 2.5 cm tall and 3 cm wide.  The plant has a rather curious growth habit, each new growth beginning near the junction of pseudobulb and leaf of the previous growth, so that the plant has a creeping habit.  For that reason, it is best grown mounted, but even then tends to wander off the mount.  Each growth is about 6 cm long, the flowers arising at the juncture of pseudobulb and leaf.  The plant is native to Taiwan.


  1. Im a pretty big Dendrobium fan. Never seen this guy before. Very nice indeed.

  2. Glad you like it and thanks, too, for taking the time to look and comment. Much appreciated.

  3. Lovely plant! Just bought mine! Would you say it would need a dryer and cooler winter rest, or can I water all year round?