Sunday, January 30, 2011

Masdevallia mendozae

Masdevallia mendozae belongs to the Saltatrices group in the genus Masdevallia.  The plants in this group generally have tubular flowers and are brightly colored.  This species is no exception.  It comes from Ecuador and is supposed to be very temperature tolerant, growing in warm as well as cool temperatures.

The slug-like bright orange flowers are 3.5 cm long and the plant itself is only about 10 cm tall.  The plant is a prolific bloomer when grown well and blooms in late winter with occasional flowers throughout the year.  I grow it in live sphagnum moss in a small net pot and keep it cool and moist.


  1. This is a wonderful species and such a prolific bloomer. I even received warnings that it can bloom itself to death given the chance, but I suppose that is all relative to the conditions of the plant. You have captured it beautifully in these photos, nice job!

  2. Thanks, Karma. I do well with the saltatrices group and really enjoy their flowers.