Thursday, January 27, 2011

Masdevallia strobelii

This species, common in cultivation, but nevertheless desirable, is also in the section Saltatrices, and like the other species in that group is beautifully colored and tubular in shape, though not to the extent of some of the other species in the group.

The plant is remarkable for its sweet scent, its clear glandular "hairs" which cover the inside of the flower, and its white and orange coloring.  It has been much used in hybridizing and imparts good color, sparkling texture, and its hairiness to its progeny.

The plant is about 8 cm tall and the flowers the same size when measured from the tips of the tails, though these usually fold back.  The plant blooms for me in late winter with occasional flowers all through the year and is grown in live sphagnum in a net pot.

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