Friday, February 25, 2011

Lepanthes caprimulgus

This incredible miniature plant is quite rare.  It comes from Ecuador and Peru and is only about 6 cm tall, but the flower is nearly 1.5 cm.  As is often the case with Lepanthes, it bears its flowers on thin, wiry spikes, in this case about 6 cm long, but curving over so that the flower is usually facing the plant.  The name of the flower refers to its fancied resemblance to the genus of birds which include the Whip-poor-wills and Goatsuckers.



  1. Ron I definately need a basic reference book ( field guide) for the orchids I might see on vacation in June.

    SE Peru Jungle. I think my camera might explode

  2. Marti, I am so envious I think I am going to turn permanently green. Peru has nearly 3000 species of orchids. I don't know of any easy to use book, in fact, of no book other than tomes running to several volumes. I would suggest that you take careful pictures of plants and flowers and id them when you get back - there's plenty of help available, on the Orchid Board, for example.