Monday, September 12, 2011

Neocogniauxia monophylla

 I've posted this species before, but this year it is blooming on three new growths and I thought I'd post it once again.  It is quite slow growing, but blooms faithfully in the autumn on each new growth.  The species is from Jamaica and is grown mounted on a piece of branch, now covered with moss.  It is kept with my cool-growing orchids and watered every day, sometimes twice a day, with a very weak fertilizer solution, though that is occasionally interchanged with plain water.


  1. Thank you for featuring this beauty again, it's always a treat to see it in it's splendor!

  2. Thanks for looking and commenting. In spite of its slow growth it's a reliable grower and bloomer for me.

  3. Hey Ron. Hope all is well. I apologize we haven't spoken in quite a few months. I was wondering if this plant is still alive?

    1. No problem with the lack of contact. We are away at present and will not be back for several weeks. This is not alive - went into decline and nothing I could do seemed to make a difference.