Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lepanthopsis vinacea

For miniatures that are easy to grow, floriferous and beautiful, one should consider the smaller species in the genus Lepanthopsis.  As the name indicates these are closely related to Lepanthes and are native to the Americas from Mexico to the West Indies and Brazil.  There are 25 species in the genus and this plant is fairly typical with its small but intensely colored flowers.

Lepanthopsis vinacea comes from Venezuela and Ecuador and as the name vinacea indicates has "wine-red" flowers.  Under a macro lens the flowers show themselves to be nearly transparent and arranged in soldier-like rows along the spikes.  These flowers are only a few millimeters in size and the plant is only about 6 cm tall with  flower spikes about the same length as the growths.

I've provided pictures of the flowers both on a black and a light colored background:

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