Thursday, October 6, 2011

Restrepia sanguinea 'Walter'

The "Blood-red Restrepia," for that is what sanguinea means, is from Colombia and in plant habit and size is typical for the genus.  The erect growth, around 10 cm tall, carry a single lanceolate leaf and the 5-6 cm flowers come from the base of the leaf on rather long stems.  This particular flower is from the clone, "Walter," which has been awarded five times by the American Orchid Society for its large and deeply colored flowers.  Like all Restrepias each growth produces a succession of flowers over a very long period of time and is seldom without flowers.

Note: this plant was awarded by the American Orchid Society as Restrepia sanguinea, but I am told it is actually Restrepia guttulata.


  1. They look so elegant in that last shot! Wonderful shooting in the whole series, though =)


    1. Thanks, Fizzie. I always wish people could actually see these plants and flowers and try to do my best with the photos.