Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sophrolaeliocattleya Dream Catcher

This mini-Cattleya has everything going for it.  It is small plant, around 15 cm, with large 6 cm flowers that are of excellent shape and good clear color.  It blooms on every new growth, with two flowers per growth and the flowers are very long lasting.  They open a reddish-orange color, but quickly fade to a bright orange that is veined and lightly flared in red.  The lip, as can be seen from the photos is yellow with red veining and a red mid-lobe.  The difference in color in the photos, however, is due not only to the age of the flowers but also to the season.  The flowers that open in warmer weather are distinctly lighter and less deep in color than the flowers that open in cooler weather.

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