Monday, February 6, 2012

Dryadella cristata

This orchid species is really tiny, only 3 cm tall with 1.5 cm flowers.  Dryadella cristata is from Colombia and blooms in the winter here.  The genus, Dryadella, was separated from Masdevallia and contains approximately 30 species.  The species name of this plant refers to the crested petals, visible as blackish-purple bits in the center of the flowers.


  1. How much air movement does this orchid require? Would it do well in a terrarium?

    1. Sorry for the delay in responding to your question, Amy. We've been away and only returned home today. I think this would do well in a terrarium. It's not at all fussy. Like most orchids it prefers good air movement, but doesn't seem to be much affected by a lack thereof.

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    1. This is an older post, but the plant is in flower at the moment. I just haven't gotten around to photographing it.