Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Masdevallia Maui Lollipop 'Hannah' HCC/AOS

I've posted pictures of this plant and its flowers before and even though I don't grow many hybrids this is worth posting again: it is such a charming plant.  It's is a hybrid of Masdevallia mendozae and Madevallia Angel Frost.  It is most like Masdevallia mendozae, but has more erect flower spikes and a paler though brighter orange color, with slightly more open flowers.

This plant also has an award now.  At the monthly meeting of the Northwest Regional Judging Center in Seattle it was awarded a Highly Commended Certificate by the American Orchid Society and given the clonal name of one of my granddaughters.  The award is for flower quality and recognized the size and presentation of the flowers.  At the time of judging it had sixteen flowers and six buds.


  1. I love the little squiggly stem on the bottom right

    a renegade

  2. You would love the renegade, Marti. I thought about editing that one out but left it in for you!

  3. It has a. beautiful color, photography bring us closer to them.

  4. Thank you, Antonio. Photographing them is loike a whole new world in which you see things you wouldn't otherwise notice.