Saturday, September 1, 2012

Masdevallia mystica

Masdevallia mystica belongs to the Saltatrices group of Masdevallias, some of my favorite plants.  These are easily recognizable by their bright colors, tubular flowers and "bellies," a noticeable bulge at the base of the flower.  This "species" is from Ecuador, but is considered by most to be a natural hybrid, probably of Masdevallia filaria and Masdevallia ventricularia, two related species.  The plant is 10 cm tall and the flowers are surprisingly small, only a little over 2 cm  What the plant lacks in flower size, however, it makes up in floriferousness, and can be completely covered with flowers when well grown.


  1. Linda, cor maravilhosa e imagem também

    1. All the best to you and growing. Thanks for your comments.