Thursday, September 6, 2012

Zygostates multiflora

Zygostates multiflora is a micro-miniature orchid species from Brazil that belongs to a group of related orchids known as the Ornithocephalinae, the Bird's-Head orchids.  The best known genus in this group is the genus Ornithocephalus, a genus of small fan shaped plants with numerous tiny white flowers.

This species is 4-5 cm tall with 10 cm flower spikes and tiny, .5 cm, white flowers with a green spot on the tip of the lip.  The flowers are very complex in shape and in spite of being so small put on a good show since the species flowers profusely when grown well.  My plant is grown on a small moss-covered mount.


  1. All the shots of this beautiful little orchid are great! I particularly like the first one, though, 'cause it really shows the diminutive size of the plant. Beautiful =)

    1. Thanks, Fizzie. It's a little jewel but one I have trouble with because my temperatures are really too cool.