Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Acianthera bragae

Acianthera bragae, also known as Pleurothallis sarracenia (sarracenia = slug), is a tiny species with deeply channeled terete (pencil-like) leaves.  The leaves are 3 cm long and grow in a row on a creeping stem.  The 2 cm flowers usually come in pairs with the flowers facing each other, but occasionally as one.  The species is from Brazil.  I grow it mounted giving it cool temperatures, high humidity and good light.


  1. I've discovered that species last year. Very forgiving, growing in a shady area with irregular watering, and yet 4 blooms! very easy and rewarding!your plant seems of course happier, look at all those roots!

    1. Wonderful little species, isn't it? Easy to grow and blooms faithfully and so very different.